i’m going to bed now i have so many messages i’m sorry i didn’t reply to all of you tonight but i will when i wake up and you can send me more stars while i sleep if you like… tomorrow i’ll answer all of the other messages too ok sorry for taking so long to reply goodnight angels xxxx

匿名:  Are you transgender?

nope x

匿名:  wait didn't you used to have blonde hair? btw you look like your middle name should be lestat. (´ω`)or claudia.

yes i did! but my hair is naturally black and grows very fast.. and dying my roots so often was very damaging to my poor hair ; ; anyway aaaaa this is such a huge compliment i feel like my lil heart might explode ♡ xxxxxxxxx

xirya:  ☆

imagine a place you can always escape to
and with my opened mouth i join the singing light
try to break one’s heart in perpetuity
learning lines in the rain
round and round like a horse on a carousel

♡ xx

blueplasma:  ☆~

in the land of gods and monsters i was an angel
eyes made of glass
a freak of nature stuck in reality
mad girl, can you believe what they’ve done to you?
turn her over a candle is lit, i see through her

♡ xx

sacrosanctus:  ☆ (This is such a cool ask!)

you shatter me, your grip on me, a hold on me so dull it kills
when you are sleeping do you dream of me?
did i hurt you? did i ever make you bleed inside?
cages and cases
your eyes are almost dead

♡ xx

hachimenroppi-s:  i love your style! also here's a star for the lyric thing! ☆

aw thank you so much lovely ♡ xxx

all the pretty stars shine for you my love
it seems to last for hours
this dream never ends you said
restlessness leads to a dangerous kind of fun
i want to buy you flowers

Send me a ☆ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.

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匿名:  how do u like ur coffee? :D

i like it iced with way too much sugar and soy milk and vanilla flavoring…. anything to mask the taste of coffee… i really hate coffee

but i love tea xxxxx

匿名:  Ri~en~! what is your favourite food (i am so VERY sorry if this triggers you or anything T_T i just want to know what a ghost's favourite thing to eat is <3)

it’s okay i actually love food… i just have to be in the right mindset to want to eat it which isn’t very often .. haaa…. anyway!! my favorite food is candy! but if you meant real food i really like mushrooms, egg plant *miso eggplant omg*… gumbo, katsu curry, cherries, whitebait, avocado… aa i put guacamole on so much stuff, pumpkin, salmon, fried okra, okonomiyaki aaaaand tempura vegetables xxx